A new blog, a new Livefyre!

July 1, 2010 ·

by Jordan Kretchmer

Jordan Kretchmer

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It’s been so long since we updated our blog, that we just decided to go ahead and start over. Livefyre as a company has made a huge pivot over the last few months. We’re building, and about ready to launch a product that we’re insanely excited about (and so is everyone we show it to). Conversation on the web has been broken for so long, that the entire web has become complacent with the legacy approach to comment sections on sites. A few have attempted to innovate in the space by pulling Tweets and Diggs about blog content into the comment section on the posts. The problem? The entire approach is wrong. Pulling a Tweet into your content is only a fraction as valuable as getting an actual human-being there.

So what are we doing exactly? We’re re-architecting how conversations across the entire web work. Primarily, we’re building a system that makes every conversation online aware of every other conversation’s existence. Allowing them to share data, and creating a massive pipeline of high quality conversation and commentary. Even better, we’re doing it all in real-time. Meaning instantaneous comment posts, lighting fast search of conversations happening around the web, and an awesome recommendation engine that drives traffic to your site’s content simply based on the topics you post about.

There are so many great things about what we’re doing, that there’s no way to cover it all in one post. For now, go sign up for the private beta here: and check out the full feature list here: