BlogWorld LA Recap

November 9, 2011 ·

by Joe Bertino

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Whoa. BlogWorld was awesome.

Between the product demos, blogger interviews and happy hours, we were able to meet a ton of people and connect with some truly amazing members of our community.

Our booth was buzzing from the minute the convention center opened and it felt like things didn’t slow down until we were on the plane back to SF. From hanging with the Blogcast FM crew to throwing down spirits at Seven Grand, we were literally blown away by the passion and energy of the blogging elite.

Srini sat down with several of the best and brightest, here’s what they had to say:

Big shout out my man Rob for being our first live install. Make sure to check out his explorations and give him a follow in the twitterverse. Also, a huge thanks to our friends (and new Livefyre users) at BlogWorld for their flawless coordination and attention to detail. They made the entire experience an absolute pleasure.

Now that the dust has settled, what were your favorite BWELA moments? Let us know so that we’re even more prepared for the next year.