Interns’ Choice — Week of 7/2

July 6, 2012 ·

by Anne Dreshfield

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Every week our awesome interns will be reading and engaging our community’s content and selecting some of their favorite articles and conversations. Then, they’ll serve it up to you as a review of the previous week’s action from within the Livefyre community.

Anne’s Picks

  1. Have you ever wondered about the story behind an image, and how it was thought up and implemented? Check out Bobby Rettew‘s thoughts on the new paradigm in broadcast journalism. It’s an interesting read.
  2. There have been a lot of responses in the blogging world to the New York Times’ piece titled The Busy Trap, and for good reason — it seems like work these days is supposed to be all-consuming. One of my favorite reactions to it was Jason Konopinski‘s post, The Fallacy of Being Busy. Check it out and sound off in the comments!
  3. Do you or your company use Instagram? Has that changed your community, or helped it to grow? Christopher Ryan recently wrote a guest post at Spin Sucks focusing on how Instagram makes communities better. Share your story with him in the comments.
  4. Hey new college grads, do you need a serious boost of inspiration? Well, Robert Dempsey of Dempsey Marketing might have enough inspiration for you. His recent post, Today Is Not Yesterday and Tomorrow Will Be Even More Different, is a great reminder that we can always change our futures, starting today. Check it out.
  5. If you love up-and-coming musicians, you’ll love The Airspace Sessions, a new series from The Airspace. This time around they focus on Sorry, Charlie. It’s definitely worth a listen!
  6. This week’s final pick is a feel-good tale of fantastic customer service at a time when it was desperately needed by Heather Whaling. In her blog post at prTini, she details her recent travel disaster and how the Starwood Westin in San Francisco came to her rescue. Enjoy, and hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Adam’s Picks

  1. For all you writers out there, which way do you work? Jennifer Jeffrey provides some insight on her unfinished novel which doesn’t have an ending. Head over to her page and lend some support.
  2. And for all you movie buffs out there, summer is the time of blockbusters and midnight showings. (I personally can’t wait for The Dark Knight Rises at midnight!) We Got This Covered thinks 2012 is a great year for movies, but they picked their 5 least favorite movies of the year so far. I don’t agree with their list, but maybe you will.
  3. I’m going to let the title of this post from Pando Daily speak for itself: “You Might Be A Smanker If…
  4. Finally, one of my favorite companies (don’t judge) is Taco Bell. Not only do their tacos make for a great late night treat, but they are clever and innovative with their marketing. After a prank went wrong, the fast food company is shipping 10,000 tacos to a small town in Alaska. Thanks to In Flex We Trust for sharing the scoop.

So tell us, what been some of your favorite blog posts from this week? What conversations have really engaged and held your attention? Let us know below!

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