Interns’ Choice — Week of 7/23

July 27, 2012 ·

by Anne Dreshfield

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Every week our awesome interns will be reading and engaging our community’s content and selecting some of their favorite articles and conversations. Then, they’ll serve it up to you as a review of the previous week’s action from within the Livefyre community.

Anne’s Picks

  1. Do blog comments inspire blog posts? You might be able to guess my opinion on this one. Jayme Soulati tackles the subject on her site, Soulati Media.
  2. If you love your iPad and you love cooking, then this pick might just be for you. It’s All Tech reviewed the — you guessed it — iCookbook for iOs. I’m a fan.
  3. My friend Blake and his team are always coming up with fantastic topics over at The Airspace. This week, two of their posts caught my eye: The Brain’s Artistry: A Conversation with Neuroscientist and Artist Greg Dunn, and The Science, History, and Statistics Behind Beards. Yes, you read that right. Check them out and be enlightened on both subjects.
  4. Ever wondered about the differences in the start-up scenes between San Francisco and New York? I have. David Spinks over at What Spinks Thinks (how’s that for a blog title?) wrote about his experiences moving to San Francisco as an entrepreneur. Which city do you think is better for start-ups?
  5. And finally, for a feel-good pick to end with, Arik Hanson at Communications Conversation wrote about 3 non-profits using Pinterest to drive real social change. Not only is it typical Pinterest eye candy — it’s eye candy that’s good for you, unlike all of the food I avidly avoid looking at on there. Happy weekend!

Adam’s Picks

This week, my favorites all come in the form of 5’s.

  1. 5 Traits of Good Online Community Members via
  2. 5 Habits of Highly Successful Social Media Managers via
  3. Five Easy Ways to Use Google+ via

Unfortunately, I only have 3 of them.

So tell us–


This week is, of course, quite special — the 2012 Olympics are kicking off today with the opening ceremonies. We’re excited here in the Livefyre office. As a special treat, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite sites and posts about the Olympics from our community. We hope you enjoy them!

  1. The Daily Beast is running coverage for the duration of the Games. They recently ran a post about what happens behind closed doors on the Olympic campus.
  2. INFOtainment News has been interviewing Team USA athletes in the last few weeks leading up to the Games, and it’s been a blast to find out more about our athletes. Check out this retrospective of the athletes (and all of the profiles themselves) they spoke to, and find out what makes Team USA so special.
  3. Like basketball? How about basketball at the Olympics? Bloguin‘s got you covered. Like tennis? Check out And if you’re obsessed with horses like I am, you’ll love Dappled Grey covering the equestrian events.
  4. Luke Winn, a writer for Sports Illustrated, is covering the Olympics at his site. We’ve been loving his photos!
  5. Urban Times has been running a series called Know Your Olympics. Read on for facts about the Games!
  6. For general coverage, in-depth looks at athletes, and contests, check out 2012 London Summer Olympics,, PandoDaily, Are You Screening?, and The Interrobang.

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

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