Interns’ Choice — Week of 7/30

August 3, 2012 ·

by Anne Dreshfield

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Every week our awesome interns will be reading and engaging our community’s content and selecting some of their favorite articles and conversations. Then, they’ll serve it up to you as a review of the previous week’s action from within the Livefyre community.

This is the last Interns’ Choice post of the summer — the interns have left the building! Adam left last Friday and today is my last day at Livefyre, too. It’s been a fantastic summer connecting with all of you. Feel free to catch both of us on Twitter!

Anne’s Picks

  1. If you’re a pessimist, you may have wondered more than once if social media is endangering our future. Vibhu over at The Next Web thought the same exact thing. Check out his thoughtful post and the conversation he’s started in the comments, and chime in!
  2. I remember when you had to pull out the Encyclopedia Britannica if you wanted to find out information about…well, just about anything. Do you? Judy Lee Dunn over at Cat’s Eye Writer spins a wonderful tale about an encyclopedia salesman and social media. It’s great.
  3. Do you love tracking down your family’s history? It can be addictive. Now, Google images can help you research your family’s history like never before. Pretty incredible. Thanks to The Sociable for the wonderful article.
  4. One of our newer bloggers, Alejandra, recently wrote about Jane Austen and snark over at her blog, Musings in Red. Sound awesome? That’s because it is. Read on for some great laughs.
  5. Gini Dietrich has been an awesome roll over at Spin Sucks. She’s tackled changing the world for women in several posts. One of my favorites was about how to change the world for women one organization at a time. Read on for her great insight, and check out the conversation in the comments — it’s not to be missed.
  6. Worried about J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit being turned into a trilogy? Join the club. But my fears were alleviated by this thoughtful post over at Mythic Scribes. Thanks, guys.
  7. If you can’t tell, I love The Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson, and I’m pretty darn excited for The Hobbit, despite the whole trilogy business. Thankfully, I’ve got Blake Graham over at The Airspace to keep me in stitches with 11 untold stories of Bilbo Baggins so I don’t get too worried. Enjoy his humor, and have a fantastic weekend!

So tell us, what been some of your favorite blog posts from this week? What conversations have really engaged and held your attention? Let us know below!

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like this plugin, very easy to use


I'm loving the new @livefyre feature for capturing conversations from the social web


@ginidietrich thanks for the mention, Gini! Glad you like our little series. :)


@annedreshfield good luck with everything - thanks for the great support all summer - it's meant a great deal to me.

BTW - as far as The Hobbit - after Lord of the Rings I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about although I am intrigued by the untold stories. 



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meghankrane moderator

Jane Austen and snark sound right up my alley. I've been checking out a lot of blogs written by Olympic athletes, and those analyzing performances at the games, like The Science of Sport.