Livefyre and Bravo Show Viewers What’s Hot

December 20, 2012 ·

by Mia Gralla

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One of our biggest goals at Livefyre is to help our customers ignite conversation and find content from across the frenetically moving social web that is most meaningful for their audiences.  When they asked for a way to pinpoint the most popular conversations without spending hours sorting through comment streams, we were up for the challenge.

What was seemingly impossible to track can now be done with our new Heat Index, which identifies which conversations, topics and personalities are hottest across the social web. This innovative tool can be used in a multitude of ways, from showing when people were most riled up during a live show to revealing the most discussed topics of the day.

The new BravoNow 2.0 iOS app is one of the first to utilize our Heat Index to show what is driving the greatest chatter with each Quick Fire Challenge, housewife screaming match and startup pitch gone bad. It reveals what topics and Bravolebrities are trending, in real-time, then automatically populates content in the app based on the trends.


Livefyre worked with the Bravo team, Bottle Rocket and WatchWith to bring you all things Bravo, all the time. Each premiere episode gives you access to behind-the-scenes dish from your favorite Bravolebrities, trivia, exclusive photos and more. All directly on your iPhone or iPad.

With the help of the Heat Index, you can discover which stars and Bravo insiders are being buzzed about as you tune along with each episode. Just swipe the “social curtain” to dive into these curated streams to instantaneously see continuous tweets about the show. You can even reply directly to these comments in the app.


And what better way to put this new app to the test than having true Bravo fans try it out themselves? We asked the Livefyre employees most dedicated (borderline obsessed) to their weekly Bravo shows to test the app:

Sarah F:
I’m predicting that “Brandi” will be trending during the next RHOBH. Did Brandi spill one of Adrienne’s biggest secrets? I know what I think, but I can’t wait to see if other fans feel the same way as I watch.


Jenna L:
Rejected startup pitches seem to be a frequently occurring theme on Silicon Valley, but I am interested to see if other fans agree with the VC’s choice!


Ryan C:
I’m using the app to see who other fans are voting for to save on Top Chef.


Sarah H:
Now that Lilly is a key Bravolebrity on Shahs of Sunset, the BravoNow app will make it easier for me to discover the juicy drama bound to develop between her and MJ since MJ is clearly out to get her. I’m sure there will also be lots of chatter about the fight between GG and Asa.

When RHONY comes back on, I’m definitely going to use the app to see if other fans are commenting on the ridiculous things that happen on RHONY- With Sonja involved,  I’m sure “Toaster Oven” will be frequently trending!


And for all you other Bravo fans (we know you are out there) download the app now to get chatting about your favorite Bravolebrities!