Livefyre Comments 3

The LiveComments WordPress Plugin has arrived

March 8, 2013 ·

by Meghan Krane

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Livefyre Comments 3

The engineering team is high-fiving, and the beers are clinking, it’s time to announce the release of our Livefyre Comments 3 plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites. With this release all of our supported platforms are now on Comments 3, and we saved the best for last. Many of you have helped with the beta testing of Comments 3, and we’re very excited to share some of the features that we have added to the Comments 3 WordPress plugin that were built from your feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Upgrading to Comments 3 is as simple as clicking on the upgrade prompt in your WordPress admin dashboard. All of your posts and comments will be automatically be transitioned to Comments 3 and your readers will be interacting with the same widget across your site.

The Comments 3 plugin brings together the real-time commenting, intelligent WordPress admin features, and the most flexible widget we’ve ever created. With Comments 3 you can style the CSS to match your site for a seamless customization.

We have built upon Comments 2 to provide more dynamic notification features, which include emails, a notification widget, and sharing to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. At Livefyre we love nothing more than a good conversation, and to create the best experience for real-time online conversations we have added a comment notifier that informs readers when new comments have been left while they are viewing the page. It’s a bit like giving your readers the opportunity to overhear a great conversation and then offering them the opportunity to join in.

SocialSync has also seen upgrades, with comments from Twitter and Facebook now appearing as threaded comments in the conversation stream. At a glance you and your readers can quickly see all of the comments around your content are taking place on your Facebook Page and on Twitter, and engage with those commenters from Comments 3 on your post.

Comments 3 comes with a new rich-text editing visualization so that you and your readers can emphasize your points of view in bold, cite quotes in italics, or create a bulleted list to drive home your argument. We have also enhanced our media embeds so that you can share photos from Flickr and Instagram, play videos from YouTube and Vimeo, flip-through slide decks on SlideShare, listen to songs from SoundCloud and Spotify, geek-out on animated gifs from Myspace, and have untold fun with Wikipedia articles directly in the conversation stream.

For Moderators we have amped up our WordPress settings menu to show you if you have other plugins on your site that are known to conflict with Comments 3, and a comments status section that will tell you which posts on your site have comments turned off. In the Livefyre admin panel moderators can also choose whether to allow their readers to edit their own comments after posting – great for fixing typos, bad links, and making sure that name is spelled correctly. Moderators can also edit all comments to make spelling and grammar corrections without altering the natural flow of the conversation. Community members can also add notes to comments that they flag to explain their reasoning, and open a dialog about moderation with the blog administrator.

At Livefyre we strive to improve the level of conversation online, and we’re thrilled to be able to share a freshly baked Comments 3 WordPress plugin with our community. Give it a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below. We look forward to the conversation.

We’re constantly updating our products to add new features and improve functionality. For more information on our current products, head to Livefyre Answers.