Livefyre SXSW Fyre Bash

February 23, 2012 ·

by Joe Bertino

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Oh boy do I have good news for Austin. On Sunday, March 11, Livefyre is throwing a party and everyone is invited.

Last Friday afternoon I published our Fyre Bash Eventbrite. I was hoping that over the weekend we’d generate some interest from the greater Livefyre community and various friends on Twitter. But I didn’t expect that by Monday we’d have nearly 1,000 rsvps.

Surprising. Awesome.

My original plan for this post was to make a more formal announcement about the event. But since it seems that we’ve already generated a decent amount of interest (1,500 +) I guess I should just jump into the details.

The Interview: Jenna Langer x BlogcastFM

Next week our very own Jenna Langer (aka Momma Blogger) will be sitting down for an interview with Srinivas Rao. They’ll swap SXSW stories and answer any questions you might have about our Fyre Bash event. You can tweet questions to Jenna or Srini using the #fyrebash hashtag or simply by leaving one in the comments below.

The Microsite:

Now, when your friend is all like, “I forgot to register for Fyre Bash,” you can just direct them to our new domain for event details and live conversation.

The Venue: The Fyre Pit

Yes, we’re transforming a huge parking lot into a gated, fiery wonderland. We’ll have plenty of drinks and room to dance. And maybe a table dedicated to people who want to live chat about the event (using the official #fyrebash hashtag, of course).

The Music: DJ Markus with a K

A native of Austin, DJ Markus with a K is a versatile turntablist who’s been spinning beats for over 15 years. He’s so awesome that his recent band, Orthy, was selected by SXSW to perform with Kool Kieth, Matthew Dear, and Wavves.

The Performance: Fire related but top secret

C’mon, I can’t give it all away right now. Make sure to check back here for more details as we get closer to the event.

So, who’s coming with us? In the comments below, let us know if you’re planning on Fyre Bashing with our team. Maybe you can even persuade us to hook you up with a VIP bracelet. Maybe.