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Livefyre’s NewsHub is Taking CES by Stream

January 8, 2013 ·

by Nick Cicero

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Each year, hundreds of thousands of people flock to Las Vegas for the International CES. The enormous trade show showcases the latest and greatest innovations in the consumer electronics industry in every category, from TV’s to Electric Toothbrushes.

In recent years, the number of attendees have exploded, along with the content around it. With more than 150,000 conference attendees last year tweeting, blogging, recording video and more, there is bound to be more real-time social interaction than ever before at this year’s show.

Following the show can be tough if you’re not there — last year companies packed into 1.85 million square feet of showroom floors, convention center lounges, off-site events and parties.

Fortunately, our team at Livefyre eats, sleeps and breathes social media, so today we’re proud to announce a new product, “Livefyre NewsHub”;  a one-stop destination for real-time news, social content and updates about events. Our first to launch is the CES NewsHub, covering all aspects of the Las Vegas event.

From leading online media publishers like Mashable, CNET, Engadget, Time and Fox News to social networks like Twitter and Instagram, the Livefyre CES NewsHub is tracking all the hottest conversations taking the consumer electronics industry by storm.


livefyre newshub


Everything we do here at Livefyre revolves around creating and curating real-time social interaction. Explore the CES NewsHub and you’ll find:

  • A news aggregate, tracking the top articles on CES from leading tech sites and blogs
  • Curated tweets and photos coming from top journalists and other attendees at the event
  • Real-time Streams of social media tweets and images on brands making product announcements at the show so you can easily see who is generating the most conversation.

So whether you’re attending the event or not, you can be in the middle of the action and see the people, products and companies that are driving conversations during the week.

Visit  to track the top conversations happening each day, and add your thoughts by using #2013CES and #CES. Be sure to look for upcoming Livefyre NewHubs to be revealed soon for future events.

Patrick Wagmer
Patrick Wagmer

This is great all news anytime, those of us with irregular hours can still keep up with what's happening

meghankrane moderator

@Jonathan Bowker We're not noticing any major performance issues with the site. What browser are you using?

Jonathan Bowker
Jonathan Bowker

@meghankrane @Jonathan Bowker Hi Meg, I am using Chrome and My colleagues Explorer. If it helps I am in Turkey using a VPN and my colleagues UK are connecting directly. Are there any other sites with StreanHUB active I could have a look at as I am interested in the service. Thanks and all the best. Jonathan

Latest blog post: Trying Out Livefyre

meghankrane moderator

@Jonathan Bowker StreamHub:Core is our enterprise platform for comments, LiveBlog, and LiveChat. The CES project is an example of NewsHub, which is built with StreamHub:Curate - an aggregation and curation tool that is an add-on to StreamHub.  

You can see StreamHub active on Sports Illustrated, Glamour, TechCrunch, Engadget, and several other sites mentioned on our product page

NewsHubs are custom built at the moment, and there will be one for the upcoming SuperBowl that I can share with you in a week or so. 


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