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Experience the Super Bowl with Livefyre

January 31, 2013 ·

by Mia Gralla

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Can’t make it to New Orleans for Superbowl XLVII? Livefyre has you covered.

Our new Super Bowl NewsHub lets you experience all the football action from the comfort of your couch or favorite bar stool. It curates the best content from around the web and on location at the Superdome into one real-time, interactive destination.

From live pictures straight from the field, to tweets from the most respected sports bloggers, you will be more connected using our NewsHub than you would sitting on the fifty-yard line of the Superdome. And since NewsHub is built using Livefyre’s unique real-time capabilities, you can instantly see what is driving conversation with every touchdown, interception and blitz.

Superbowl Game Tracker

The Game Tracker LiveBlog recaps big plays and immediate fan reaction via tweets, photos and more

We also let you chose your favorite team, so whether you’re loyal to San Francisco or Baltimore, you can LiveChat with fellow fans and see your team’s photos.  Plus we’ll be streaming-in those hotly anticipated Super Bowl commercials and the tweets, Facebook posts and comments showing the immediate viewer reaction and fan favorites. And of course, we’ll be displaying photos taken from the crowd at the Superdome, as well as pics from fans at Super Bowl festivities across the country.

Even better, all the content can be interacted and engaged with so you can jump right into the conversation without leaving the NewsHub page.

Pre-game with NewsHub by using it to track all the predictions and chatter before the kickoff. This Super Bowl Sunday make NewsHub your essential game-time companion. Get in the game and visit the Super Bowl NewsHub now:

Livefyre Super Bowl NewsHub Features At-A-Glance:

  • Game Tracker: The LiveBlog features instant recaps and immediate fan reaction via tweets, photos and more surrounding each play
  • Commercials: Streaming video of the hottest Super Bowl commercials, and the tweets and buzz surrounding them
  • Fan Zone: Chat live with other fans during and after the game
  • Media: View photos taken taken in the Superdome from ticket-holders gathered in New Orleans

We built the entire NewsHub site in less than a week, using only the Livefyre platform, to show off what any Livefyre customer can do on their own sites and mobile apps. Interested in creating a similar experience? Contact our Sales Team: