Teen Vogue, Livefyre Bring You Closer To Bieber

April 9, 2013 ·

by Mia Gralla

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It’s official. Livefyre has become a part of Bieber Mania.

Teen Vogue is launching a contest that will capture the eyes (and hearts) of “Beliebers” worldwide. The grand prize? A trip to NYC to meet Justin Bieber himself. To enter, fans must Instagram a picture themselves and their friends donning their most Bieber-worthy threads, and tag it #JustinToWin and #Girlfriend:

To make this a truly interactive and engaging contest, Livefyre is providing the technology to stream all of these pictures into a clean, visually appealing tiled media wall. Like all Livefyre products, this is updated in real time:

Justin Biber contest features fan's Instagram photos

Instagram photos from Justin Bieber fans stream in real-time.

Not only will fans have a chance to meet their idol, but they will also be able to view pictures of fellow fans, get style inspiration and share this visual content with all their friends.

Livefyre is a new partner to Conde Nast in the social space, with the first project launching last week for the Lucky Magazine FABB Social Hub.

So enter the contest now- this one is sure to go viral:

EDITOR’S NOTE: It appears that Livefyre has been a part of Bieber Mania even before the launch of this contest. See below for our very own Director of Product, Natasha Mooney, with The Biebs:


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can you come to my house in brunsville right now justin bieber? 


I've entered this contest so many times but its not coming through to the gallery! Help someone xxx


There's plenty of time to submit your entry. Read the contest guidelines carefully if you really want to get to meet JB, or you would like to bestow that honor on friends and relatives.

Patty McNamara Armstrong
Patty McNamara Armstrong

Gee, we got this truly skeezy old guy who comes to the library and spends all his time on the computer searching. JB. He will be thrilled ... Ewwwww


@jeffespo The best part about @Livefyre is that your tweet just made it to the blog post…nothing is reserved on the internet! ;)


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